How Not to Die Young? Lessons from Cardiovascular Engineering

Delivered a TED-Style talk at the EE Research Scholar's Symposium at IIT Madras, India. I was awarded 2nd prize for the title of best speaker.

4/7/20242 min read

The Electrical Engineering Research Scholar's Symposium was held on April 6 2024, at the majestic TTJ Auditorium in the IC & SR building of IIT Madras. A total of 7 senior year PhD scholars and 2 MS scholars were selected to deliver an 18-minute TED-style talk on their research suitable for a generic audience.

The talk series, on the whole, was a treat for a curious mind; in a single day, one gets to listen to top-level research being conducted at the Department of Electrical Engineering. The topics by the scholars, apart from mine, ranged from Quantums and Cashe with computing powers, applications of deep learning in underwater images, solving inverse design problems in RF antenna, autonomous driving and improving the scan time of MRI systems. Three renowned faculty members of IIT Madras - Prof. Bhasker Ramamurthy, Prof. Shanthi Pavan and Prof. Dileep Nair also delivered a keynote talk before each session.

I was fortunate to be one of the selected scholars to deliver my talk on "How Not to Die Young? Lessons from Cardiovascular Engineering". Delivering a technical talk and invoking curiosity in a generic audience not all familiar with the domain of cardiovascular engineering was a challenge that I knew I had to prepare for one day. As I devised the final set of slides for the talk, the preparation gave me a fresh perspective on how I see my research and how I can potentially communicate to a larger audience without losing the scientific rigour involved. The best part was the talk's timing before my post-doc interviews and thesis drafting. The preparation for the talk has immensely guided me to structure my work more organically, such that it makes sense to a 2nd person who reads or listens to me. My efforts in preparation and delivery paid off when I was awarded the 2nd prize for the title of "best speaker" with a cash prize :).

YouTube link for the event: <to be updated soon>

Photos of the event: Award Ceremony, auditorium photos, snaps during my talk, and a book I received as a token of appreciation from the organising committee.