At the 44th IEEE EMBC at the Scottish Event Centre, Glasgow, Scotland (July 2022)

Presented papers related to my PhD work on the system & method I am developing for quantifying arterial pulse wave reflections at the common carotid artery.

5/15/20231 min read

After 2 years of travel restrictions and a series of virtual conferences, really happy to attend an off-line conference, and that too in Scotland.

The 44th edition of IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Conference (EMBC) at the Scottish Event Centre, Glasgow, Scotland is very dear to me, for the fact that I was able to meet lot of personalities, whom I cite a lot in my publications.

To start with it was Dr. Peter Charlton (clockwise Photo 1), met him accidentally on our (Dr. Nabeel and me) usual walk to the conference venue in the morning from the hotel. He came to the conference for delivering a tutorial session, I had seen his name on the program schedule. He introduced himself as Peter, so it didn't really occur to us that its was Peter Charlton. He was casually mentioning there is a tutorial session by him, and then it hit me "Peter Charlton" - I have a huge respect for him to open sourcing the extensive in-silico dataset on arterial pulse waveforms, that he simulated for various healthy ageing conditions from 25 to 75 years. I used his dataset for validating algorithms that relies on pulse waveform analysis - pressure, flow or diameter waveforms from various arterial sites. My two journals - IOP PMEA and Elsevier BSPC uses his datasets part of the validation study.

Then it was Prof. Ramakrishna Mukkamala, a well known figure in the community of cuff less blood pressure and arterial haemodynamics. Along with him was his then postdoc Dr. Cederick  (clockwise photo 2).